Expert Witness Services

Because of years of experience and many credentials, Lon is frequently hired to help people with expert witness testimony in regards to construction defects, poor workmanship, contract disputes, defective, improper and inferior materials, and incomplete projects. In addition, he’s been called to represent homeowners, purchasers, sellers and realtors in disputes with opposing parties or other home inspectors in real estate transactions.


Owner Technihouse Inspections, Inc.
Over 40 Years Experience in
Inspection & Construction
Full Curriculum-Vitae Available on Request

  • Residential and Commercial Evaluations
  • Construction Violations/ Workmanship Issues
  • Slip and Fall/ On site Injuries
  • Photo Reports
  • Court Appearances / Depositions
  • Consultations

For the past few decades Lon Grossman and Technihouse Inspections, Inc. have been renowned for their expert witness work. Below is a partial list of attorneys that have called upon us for our expertise.

Atty. Barry Adler
Atty. John Alfs
Atty. Dirk Beamer
Atty. Harvey Babcock
Atty. Marty Burnstein
Atty. Kenneth Bilodeau
Atty. Harvey Chayet
Atty. Mike Cianciolo
Atty. Fred Custer
Atty. John Cook
Atty. James Carnago
Atty. Tony Deponio
Atty. Jo Davis
Atty. Steve Dobreff
Atty. Jeff Jones
Atty. James Dritsas
Atty. Harry Eisenberg
Atty. Michael Eizelman
Atty. Brad Feldman
Atty. Murray Feldman
Atty. Steve Grobbel
Atty. Joseph Gill
Atty. Bruce Gorosh
Atty. Jennifer Grieco
Atty. Ann Howard
Judge Charles Hegarty
Atty. Mark Hayduk
Atty. Lloyd Johnson
Atty. James Klemanski
Atty. Mark Merlanti
Atty. Brian Kreucher
Atty. Anthony Long
Atty. Emily Minns
Atty. John Mulvihill
Atty. John Mucha
Atty. Doug McCray
Atty. Phil Neuman
Atty. Greg Nave
Atty. Timothy Orlando
Atty. Mel Partovich
Atty. Joseph Papelian
Atty. James Roach
Atty. Freddy Sackllah
Atty. Mike Clawson
Atty. Stan Walker
Atty. Ron Steinberg
Atty. Les Shefman
Atty. Andy Sugarman
Atty. Bruce Seyburn
Atty. Jay Schwartz
Atty. Scott Schafer
Atty. David Trivax
Atty. Michael Troyanovich
Atty. Phil Tomlinson
Atty. Gerald Thurswell
Atty. Victor Valentino
Atty. David Yaldo
Atty. Mark Zausmer
Atty. Lisa Archer