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In the early 1970’s, private inspections of homes and commercial properties were a relatively unknown commodity in the Detroit area. Thanks to the vision of Lon Grossman, a licensed builder with almost 30 years of experience in building and real estate, the concept of professional real estate inspections took hold. Today, inspections are the norm in most real estate transactions.

In 1973, Mr. Grossman founded Technihouse Inspections, Inc. on the premise that the interests of buyers and REALTORS® could be served best with a clear understanding of the exact condition of a building on the market.

The company’s mission is to provide prospective buyers with necessary information about a structure so they can make a decision with the confidence and peace of mind that it’s the right one. Technihouse inspectors objectively, thoroughly and accurately inspect all major building components – the electrical, plumbing and heating system, the roof, insulation, windows, overall structural integrity, and numerous other systems and components.

Buyers are encouraged to accompany Technihouse inspectors on the job and reap the benefits of a thorough explanation of any findings.

During the inspection, inspectors note items which need repair and explain practical alternatives with cost-saving recommendations. Clients also receive a detailed report prepared during the inspection. The report often exceeds 20 pages.

Lon Grossman is a highly qualified and experienced professional and is recognized as the inspection industry’s foremost expert.

Technihouse Inspections, Inc. is an insured and bonded inspection company and meets or exceeds all National Association of Home Inspectors (NAHI) standards for inspections.